Hemp CBD

Non-Psychoactive & Full of Benefits

Hemp extract may provide various health benefits. Research studies have shown hemp extract may offer provide relief from pain, stress relief, hormonal and immunity issues, and much more.

What Is Hemp Extract?

100% Organic, Non-Psychoactive Extraction From The Hemp Plant
Web Wellness Health products utilize hemp extract, a key chemical ingredient and active compound which originates from the hemp plant. Hemp extract also provides the various medicinal qualities of medical hemp.

Contrary to THC, hemp extract will not create the feeling of being “high”

Why Hemp Extract?

Pain Relief & High Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
Backed by research, hemp extracts have shown to reduce inflammation. This research conclusion was expected, cannabis has for a long time been deemed as a medicinal plant and multiple studies have proved its effectiveness in treating and/or decreasing both pain and inflammation. Click here to read about a University of South Carolina research study.